East Fork Bass Anglers

About Us
We are a group of anglers who enjoy the sport of bass fishing,
competing in a friendly, open environment. We fish a variety of different
types of waters, from "trolling motor" only lakes to Lake Erie, in about 11
tournaments per year. We are a small cub, not to exceed 30 members. We are active in enhancing the public knowledge of the sport, by sharing knowledge, educating our youth, practicing "catch and release", and demonstrating innovative environmental and conservation methods.
Please contact us for more info and how to become a member...
If you have wanted to join a bass club to learn new techniques - to get introduced into "tournament" fishing, or to just hang out with guys who love bass fishing - SEND US AN EMAIL.

For more information about how we do things, what it takes to join -
Email us at - info@efbassanlgers.com