East Fork Bass Anglers Schedule of events for 2018.

Other than Kid’s Day ALL tournaments are members only. for information on joining our club, please click the “About Us” tab at the top.

APRIL 13TH                      SATURDAY                  STONELICK

APRIL 27TH -28TH          SAT- SUNDAY               INDIAN LAKE

MAY 18TH                         SATURDAY                  ROCKY FORK

JUNE 8TH                          SATURDAY                     EAST FORK

JUNE 20TH-21ST         THURS – FRIDAY          ST. CLAIR

JULY 13TH                        SATURDAY                     WHITE OAK

AUGUST 24TH              SATURDAY                    EAGLE CREEK

SEPT. 14TH                      SATURDAY                    NEW RICHMOND

SEPT. 28TH-29TH         SAT. – SUNDAY              KENTUCKY LAKE

OCT. 12TH                        SATURDAY                     ROCKY FORK



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